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Discuss what Pokemon that you think GameFreak got their typings wrong. What could they should and would be if you decided their typings.

I'll start by discussing the Gen 5 starters.
Oshawott line: SHOULD HAVE been Water/Fighting. Come on man. GF you could have done better. The starter line that are SAMURAIS are not fighting type?
Snivy Line: I have no prob. with this line being pure Grass, but I hate it when some starters are dual typed and some are not. Could have been part dragon, but not a whole lot to work with here.
Tepig Line: I could rant for days on end about this line. They look alright. Tepig is really cute, but GF really really screwed us on the typings here. We are all SICK of Fire/Fight. Blaziken was AWESOME, Infernape was great too, but three in a row was tragic for me. They are pigs. Why were they not Fire/Ground? Beats me.

That is my thoughts. You discuss.
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