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    Originally Posted by oshawottlover13 View Post
    No the pattern was that they made a remake after every new game. I think they are making remakes to bring back classics for more fun. Everyone likes the older games.
    I'm not entirely sure about that. Now that I think about it , gen 1 and 2 needed a remake to easily get pokemon. Now one could argue it is difficult to get all the hoen pokemon to complete the Pokedex and I can Attest to that as I've completed the national Pokedex in my white version , of course I had a 3ds a DS light pokemon sapphire , emerald,leaf green , heartgold , soul silver , pearl , platinum , white , Japanese white ,pokemon black and over 400 hours of free time lol.

    So there is a need for a new hoen based game, but does it Necessarily have to be a remake? That's really the question , is it really a pattern if its Necessary?