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    Josh regarded Ralax as they walked to the battlefields. He was a bit out of the fighting spirit, so Josh tried cheering him up.

    "Well, here we are. Want to have a race to our usual spot?" Josh said. He knew he would lose, but a bit of competition would definitely cheer up Ralax. He took off, and he nimble predator soon passed him. Josh laughed, but still ran. Ralax was standing at the burnt area of grass nearly a minute before Josh got there.

    "Ah... Well... Fast as... Usual..." Josh said through his heavy breathing. He might be in good physical condition, running while in full armor was hard.

    Putting down his extra gear, Josh drew his lightning sword. Ralax assumed a fighting position. Ralax pounced, and Josh slashed at him. The edge of the sword, on which he had placed an edge protector, clipped Ralax's hind leg. Quickly recovering, Ralax kept again. They exchanged quick flurries of blows, neither defeating the other. This went on for a few minutes, until Josh, feeling a little tired, swung too low, allowing Ralax to knock him over. Extending one of his claws against his neck, Ralax laghed triumphantly.

    [IDead.[/I] He said, before letting Josh back to his feet. Now we do elemental, correct?

    "Yeah, just give me a minute..." Josh said, removing the edge protectors and sticking his sword in the ground. Suddenly, he whirled around and threw a low-power lightning bolt from his hand. Ralax, expecting such a thing, jumped aside. Leaping at Josh, his teeth began buzzing with electricity. Josh threw up his arm, catching Ralax under the chin and knocking him back. Ralax quickly recovered and threw a thunder wave. Seth, stunned for a moment, was once again pounced on by Ralax.

    Dead, once again... You aren't doing all that well today. Ralax stated. Josh, a bit angry, shoved Ralax off. The Luxray rolled onto the ground, where he just laid down. Josh stayed down too, a bit tired after two consecutive duels.

    "Well, that was fun..." Josh said for the second time that day. Its begining to become something like my catch phrase... He thought as he laid there. He was content with his life, although he had to replace his camp shirt again. Ralax didn't go easy on it with his claws, which was completely okay with Josh.
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