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    -Outer Rim of Lethia-

    As Rina sails by, the old sea captain snaps a photo of Rina. Chuckling as he waits for the instant photo to develop. "Welcome to Lethia..." He calls out to her. "...Be wary of the green exile out here." He tosses her a map towards onto her boat as it shifts back and forth along the deck. "You'll need it, there's no GPS system for Lethia.

    -Heroes Loft-

    "As long as Avaith doesn't mind." Avaith hung over the basket. Shadoan started petting his head as he sighed. "Eh, go ahead, just make sure he stays out of harms way and thanks for the berries." Shadoan gave him a smile and a small bow of thanks before he walks off back towards his bag and other gear with what he had foraged and what kiba had given him. Irek poked his head while sighing. "I thought Chester had a ton of food set out for-" "Not a lot of the food his crew is serving is the appropriate diet for most combat. I'm stocking up with what I can so we'll have something healthy when we do leave the loft." Irek pauses a moment to think a few things over before responding. "Fair enough, though I am getting sick of the fruits and nuts. It doesn't hurt to eat something decent once and a while." Shadoan looked over at his green furry friend. "Well, what does the league serve you every night? Where in the world do they even keep an entire army of pokemon officers?" "Half of us live on Lethia, the other half of us live in the massive stadium the league has." "...Stadium? More over, WHERE on Lethia?" "If you stay here until the spring conference, you'll understand... Also there's a place called Leviathans Bastion, homiest place any of us can be. Plenty of food, fresh water and a few beautiful females. Its relaxing and refreshing during the winter." Shadoan chuckled a little. "Pokemon or Humans?" "Both, There are human officers." "... What do they pay the human side of the officers? I mean, they can't all work for free." Irek chuckled as he stored their newly acquired harvest and gift of berries they received. "Free shelter, free food, free internet, free power, 2% of the profits from the vendors which explains part of the outrageous mark-up on their products. The only thing the officers don't have is a union and healthcare. The other benefits outweigh that." Shadoan paused, looking wide-eyed open at Irek. "Your kidding, right?" "I gave it up to hang with you... Plus its more exciting out here."

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