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Originally Posted by metal64meli View Post
This is funny, I think Ash doesn't know how to train his pokemon, he doesn't even like them to evolve, so, how come will he train a legendary properly?
I'm just saying because even when I was 4, I used to say things like "Oh, God, why didn't Ash just catch more pokemon other than Pidgeotto to defeat Brock?" or "Why did Ash leave Charizard if he was his best pokemon? Gosh! Couldn't he just let Charizard visit Charla every once in a while and keep the freakin pokemon? :yuno:"
I lol'd at that too. I was thinking come on dude really? Your gonna get rid of Pidgeot, Charizard, Lapras, Primeape, etc. Now some are debatable but definitely Charizard that's just the definition of a RETARD!

Back to the topic, if Ash couldn't tame Charizard then what makes you think he can tame a legendary? That legendary would end up destroying everything in it's path cos Ash is such an idiot.
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