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I don't think raising it would solve anything. People learn stuff from experience driving so if they do raise it to 18 how would a 16 year old know how to drive? I remember when I was 16 I wasn't the best driver, I've had my fair share of accidents but nothing major. I'm 20 now and seem like one of the best drivers where I live. I mean I probably ain't the best where I live because I live in a college town and they don't know the area but they drive like maniacs down here either way. I used to be scared to drive through tight neighborhoods now I feel safe driving through there. I mean come one, I got a 06 Chevy Cobalt with cold air and turbo so I'm used to driving fast. I actually got one not because they're fast but because I live in Chicago and it's a huge city and things are spread out and the highway is the fastest way and I need horsepower to get up and go lol. Tho sometimes I do like to drive really fast when I know the area and know there isn't cops so I'm safe going 120 to 130.
Please don't try this without experience it's very dangerous. I drift around corners using E-brake too so I've learned a lot from experience. That's why they shouldn't change it.

If you up the age to 18 you would actually have more problems because there would be people 16 and 17 driving and getting in accidents so yea. There are just as dangerous adult drivers as teen drivers. It may seem teen drivers are worse but that is not the case. It's actually more 18-24 age with the most accidents cos of parties, texting, stupidity while driving, etc. So raising it wouldn't cause less accidents because starting at 18 is actually where the most accidents start at.
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