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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
Ok, here's the problem I've been facing in my SoulSilver. I cant' trade because I refuse to change my router security to WEP. I really want Kingdra for my team and haven't played it in so long because of this. I really want to play SoulSilver but what's the point if I can't get the Pokemon I want? Do you guy's have any suggestions on how to get the Pokemon since I can't get WiFi?
The only obtainable method (I know) of getting Kingdra without Wi-fi is to trade with a friend locally. If you've got a friend, simply trade your Seadra holding its Dragon Scale with your friend for their pokemon, and then trade back.

Unfortunately, in HGSS, there is no means of obtaining Kingdra in-game without trading. (To my knowledge and research.) Sorry. Although there is a variety of other great water types available for capture In-Game throughout HGSS, so why not try one of those?
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