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sorry about the chatting part. and this supposed to be generation specific, to I and II. I would appreciate it if posters would stick to topic. i am guilty too. thanks!
GEN II and II only!
It's fine, your first post confused me cause it said "from each generation" so I was like "wait what?" haha. As long as this stays gen I and II, I'm fine with it. :) Thanks!

Anyway ummm. I think some neat starters in RBY would have been...WELL TBH I would have just liked to get my Eevee. XD It gets taken in Yellow by Nubcake. Just have Eevee. Great starter!

As for GSC, I think Oddish, Poliwag, and Magby would have been cool. I know Magby doesn't have a split evolution like the other two, but I couldn't think of another Fire type haha. OR!! Sunkern, Starmie, and Growlithe. :) Stone evolutions in GSC are awful though cause it takes forever. As you can see, I don't like the idea of changing the starter types, haha.

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