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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
What actions should authority figures take? Kids dress how they do because those are the clothes that are for sale in stores. Sure, there are still options, but when you're presented with clothing that is specifically targeted at these kids it makes it seem normal. And maybe it should be seen as normal. It's not hurting anyone how they dress, right?
If parents/guardians didn't but inappropriate clothes and instil these attitudes in kids than the companies would stop producing them due to lack of demand. That's how business works, if nobody buys them then nobody sells them, but instead we have the attitude that if it is there and I see twenty-two year-old celebrities dressed that way then it must be appropriate for my eight-year-old.

As far as the technology goes there is a difference between harmless video games and enabling cyber-bullying and other dangers. I'm not saying we should censor the internet or something I'm saying that we as a society are not being responsible with technology by making it appear as a necessity. When things are viewed like that it opens up the door way to more rich/poor discrimination and clique segregation. With impressionable young people that is especially bad because they'll learn to accept it as he norm and they'll treat people disrespectfully their entire life.


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