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What about the fact that some people have kinks for certain things? (I think you know what I mean.) Wouldn't gender discrimination reduce the possibility of something bad happening with, say, a male authority figure and a female student, and would that not also reduce the chances of said authority figure of getting too overzealous with their disciplinary action if they weren't getting something extra out of it that they probably shouldn't?
That statement would make sense if homosexuality wasn't a possibility and whilst I admit that that kind of behaviour is more common in straight men than any other group EVERYONE is capable of committing such acts.

I've also thought of some more reasons non-corporal punishment is more effective.

1. If I was hit, even as a young child, my logic would then be "well what else can they do? I've experienced this once and survived another time won't matter".
2. As bad/stupid as this probably sounds the child would eventually get used to the pain and just not care after the punishment had occurred enough times.
3. Simply put which punishment seems worse and more likely work over a long period of time? If you smack your child they'll be in pain and they won't do the wrong thing for a while sure. But pain like that is temporary, it doesn't last long. Whilst the removal of privileges can be extended as long as is necessary. How do you make corporal punishment that affective? Beat the kid every 20 minutes until they do the right thing? That's not punishment it's child abuse.

children (not teens)
Simply put that would be because it would be useless. Once your old enough if your parent tries to hit you it's probably going to be an instinctual reaction to defend yourself and that would jsut spiral out of control into a domestic dispute.
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