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It's 18 in Australia and i have to say i think it works well, for this country anyway. Only 1290 lives were lost across the country last year, and i believe that making the age 18 is contributing to the low road toll.
In which state? Here you're eligible for L's at 16 and for memory red P's at 17.

Raising the driving age to 18 or even 21 is really not going to be effective for three main reasons.
1. Most of the people (at least around my neighbourhood) that get into major car accidents are either very intoxicated (at any age), about 18-22 or both. The majority being in the both category. I assume that this is similar everywhere but please correct me if I'm wrong.

2. You can be stupid at any age. Plenty of irresponsible drivers are in their 30's or even 40's, raising the driving age sure as hell won't keep them of the road so really it doesn't alleviate the danger.

3. Experience. The longer you have been driving the better you'll be at it. if you're 21 and have been driving since 18 you won't be as experienced as someone who is the same age but has been driving since 16.

This is for the soul benefit of anyone being confused by us Australians
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