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If you would own a Pokmon in real life, which one would it be? (Sorry, this excludes legendaries.)

1.) Why would you like to have that Pokmon? (Other than being a favorite)

2.) Would you let your Pokmon get involved in trainer battles?

3.) Would you train him/her to be your guardian? Or just let him/her be a loyal companion?

4.) What if your Pokmon misbehaves? Would you discipline him/her? How?

5.) Would you give a special treat to your Pokmon if he/she behaves?

6.) Would you enter your Pokmon in a contest?

7.) Do you rather keep him/her in a Pokball or out?

8.) What if your Pokmon feels sad? How would you cheer him/her up?

9.) Would you release your Pokmon back into the wild?

Depending on the Pokmon, here are two optional questions.

Optional question #1.) Would you let your Pokmon evolve? Why or why not?

Optional question #2.) What was your first reaction when you see your Pokmon evolve into his/her higher form?

For example, I would own a Machop(F)

1.) Since she could evolve into one of the most powerful fighters, I thought I would start off with the weakest stage. That way I don't have to worry about her strength. Besides, she looked like a cute little dinosaur. :D

2.) No, if I have no plans to be a trainer. I would let her if she wanted to fight, but I would get worried.

3.) I would definitely train her to be my bodyguard. If she evolves, watch out! Underneath her tough demeanor, she is still my loyal companion.

4.) No! I will not be abusive to my Machop if she misbehaves. However, I would give her a time out and ignore her for a while until she finishes blowing out some steam.

5.) Definitely! I had to be careful not to spoil her too much or she'll get overweight. :D

6.) I won't force her if she doesn't want to.

7.) Out, of course.

8.) Play with her, give her lots of attention. Find out what is upsetting her.

9.) I may feel very attached, but if that's what she wants I'll respect her wishes.

Option #1.) I'll let her evolve if she wanted to. If she doesn't want to, I won't force her.

Option #2.) WHOA!! What happened to you? I'll be quite shocked to find a Machoke in my living room, but I don't mind having one. But a Machamp? Erm... I'll think about it first. (I bet some people would freak out at the sight of a very feminine-looking Machoke. :D )
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