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Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
I don't mind encountering wild pokemon but when the encounter rates just gets crazily high, that's when things begin to frustrate me. A prime example of this is when I'm surfing south of Olivine City around The Whirl Islands; my god the Tentacruel were annoying. Not to mention the countless Zubat and Golbat I encoutnered while climbing Mt. Coronet. I also really despise having to teach my team member unnecessary HM's just to get through a certain route or part.
I agree with you Nathan, basically any area with a crazy encounter rate.

My most annoying would have to be Mt. Coronet, Mt. Mortar and Whirl Islands. Guess I have something against caves, must be those goddamned Zubat.

Also, any area that requires an HM Slave.
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