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    I've got a team that I used to play through Red Version for the first time a couple of months ago (I started my Pokemon life with Yellow when I was a kid; never went backwards after that). I decided when I started that I'd try and use Pokemon that I've never really given much time to before; but (for some reason) I also try and catch as little Pokemon as I can on my way through.

    Although my team was under-leveled, I thought it was well balanced (type-wise), and I was able to beat the Elite Four and the Champion with no Pokemon stronger than Level 53 (at the end). My Hall of Fame team:

    Jolteon (L53)
    Charizard (L41)
    Pidgeot (L41)
    Dugtrio (L43)
    Lapras (L48)
    Hypno (L45)

    I'd love to hear comments!
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