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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    @Cyclone: No more 4th gen talk, okay?
    Hey now...I was commenting that we can't evolve by Moss Rocks or Ice Rocks in the third gen.

    No new updates from me so far today - I have access to the second Gym, but decided I'm getting every single Pokémon I have to the 20s, using 22 as a benchmark as I know the first Gym Pokémon are at that level. In the video playthrough I witnessed I see he showed off the Master Ball bug on 407 and being able to access the Gym after going to the Route while Steam was still around. I can see this is why it's now set to not be able to leave town at all during that (except by way of 406). I also took the time to catch an Abra, which is always one I try to use a better Ball on NEway and a great Psychic once evolved, but they're a pain to capture (though I've mastered a strategy using Hypnosis) and evolve at the same time.

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