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    Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
    Hey Joey, you from Australia ? Nah, just kiddin'. Imma MidnightShine liekz #1 of dat B2W2, Y U NO MENTION B2W2?! (kiddin with ya again)

    Hacks? Sure, we've got lots of them. Hope u enjoy playing them.

    You need a long chat? With me, I bet you won't regret. VM me at mah page, understand? Friend request are also cool, bro.

    See ya~


    Added you as a friend as well. Btw, I'm from the Philippines, which is not too far from Australia. Lol. Thanks bro. Appreciate the welcome. I haven't mentioned B2W2 because I haven't played them yet. I sadly don't have a DS or DS Lite or 3DS. But whatever, I might download an emulator soon enough and try the 4th and 5th gen games for a change. :>

    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    Hi Joey, welcome to PC.

    I am Hikari, 19-soon-to-be-20, Australian female who loves memes, jokes, comedic stuff and of course Pokemon!

    I have been a fan since 1999 and I have been playing the main series games since 2003, and my fave Pokemon (looking at my profile) is Oshawott.

    Unfortunately, I suck at hacking but at least Mid's directed you so that's fine.

    If you ever need to talk to someone funny, feel free to VM me on my profile. I'm also open for a friend request.

    Have a fun time and I'll see ya!

    - Hikari10
    Hey there Hikari, thanks for the welcome. I'm Filipino who recently turned 18. Lol. :3 I like memes as well. Haha good to see someone as humorous (maybe even more) than I am. Added you as a friend. :3

    Originally Posted by Mochaccino View Post
    CM Punk fan on here? well hello there! xD

    I myself am new to this forum and it already feels like home, everyone is very friendly and more than happy to help
    you began your pokemon journey with my favorite Region, the Hoenn games! I bet they got you hooked to pokemon haha, you really should play the old games as well if you got the chance, they were much fun as well

    see ya around! have fun =3
    Would you look at that? Someone who likes CM Punk as well. :3 Yeah, welcome to the forums as well. This might be the place I'll be sticking to for a long time and I hope that you would too. I played remakes of the old games btw, like FR and LG, hacks like LiquidCrystal for the nostalgia. I wasn't really a fan as a kid but I learned to love pokemon. See you too and have fun as well.

    Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
    Oh, a WWE fan will get a warm welcome from me all the time. Welcome to the forums, Joey, read the rules and enjoy, okay!

    And on a side note, heel Punk is god.
    Heel Punk is definitely God, along with his right hand, Paul Heyman! Loool. Thanks for the welcome bro Nice sig btw :3 D-Bry and AJ ftw!
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