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Pokemon White: So, after leaving Driftveil and passing by Route 6, I'd already defeated everyone there. After gaining access because of Clay's help, I explored Chargestone Cave, fighting a ton of Wild Pokemon and trainers. I beat N and ran to Celestial Tower and caught my final team member, Noon the Litwick. Then I went back to the Cave and grinded while searching for a Tynamo for the pokedex. I then explored both Route 7 and the Celestial Tower and ran back to Mistralton City and easily defeated Skyla.


SERPERIOR [Jaroda] Lv40 (M)
Mild Nature @Miracle Seed
-Leaf Blade
-Mega Drain


ZEBSTRIKA [Bolt] Lv40 (F)
Modest Nature @Rocky Helmet
-Flame Charge
-Thunder Wave

EXCADRILL [Nyx] Lv40 (M)
Mild Nature @Soft Sand
-Rock Slide

DUOSION [Jello] Lv39 (M)
Brave Nature @Quick Claw
-Hidden Power
-Pain Split

CARRACOSTA [Raphael] Lv39 (M)
Mild Nature @Scope Lens
-Smack Down

LITWICK [Noon] Lv39 (M)
Serious Nature @Shell Bell
-Flame Burst


Team Summary (Better One in Signature)
Pokemon LeafGreen
Pokemon SoulSilver
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon White