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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Awh, yeah, who can forget Recipe for Turnabout; it was amazing because of Furio / the mafia / main fanserviceee. AND OMG Farewell, My Turnabout -- THAT WAS HARD. ;-; SO MUCH INFINITE PENALTIES IN ONE CASE... And there's Matt Engarde, resident villain; it was pretty awesome. I forgot to mention I love Rise from the Ashes from AA1 - the mystery and longevity of the case was amazing~ Plus Ema Skyeee. ^^

I plan too. :3 I just want to play it on a CPU since DeSuMe is slow on my laptop. @[email protected]

Anyway, here's a different question: What are your favourite music in the game?

Well, for me, first there's Godot's theme, because it's really soothing and classy~ It's sort of epic in a calm way, and probably the best character theme in the game, IMO.

And there's also the T&T Cornered theme; I really like the tempo as it builds up. :3

I also love AA1's Objection theme; makes you feel accomplished. <3

Aaaaand who can forget AA1's cornered theme; the infamous one:
Can I say all the music is good? :P

But I don't know what my favourite music is since it's always changing, however I'm loving the Cornered theme from Investigations so much, I listen to it like, 20 times over. xD
I also really like the Steel Samurai theme.

Not posting links because they didn't work. x(