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    Originally Posted by Mochaccino View Post
    Off Topic

    it's been a while since I opened PS and I thought why not repolish my skills by making banners for the club? they're nothing special just simple ones I had in mind, I'll post more when I get the inspiration

    for now, enjoy
    Thank you for your Banners, the points will be added.

    I guess it's time for a new Topic!

    Out of Magma Storm and Eruption, which is the best move and why?

    The reason I came up with this Topic is because they are both Eruption-like moves.

    Answering the Current Topic: I'd have to say Eruption, because it is just plain STRONG when used at full HP, and because Magma Storm has 25% LESS FREAKING ACCURACY (30% in Generation IV). But Magma Storm could be a very strong move, taking away the opponent's HP even after a set of Turns by a 1/16. Eruption could be taught to LOTS of Pokemon (Especially Typhlosion), while Magma Storm is limited to Heatran only. Since Eruption has 100% Accuracy, it would technically mean that it wouldn't cost anything (Except from good HP) to make a Super Powered Full Accuracy Move.