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Hi there, Arawanach, and welcome to the community :3

My first system was the transparent purple Gameboy Color, haha. I wish I still had it, but it's been broken for a long time so we had to toss it. ): But yeah, Pokemon is very addicting, so it gets people hooked all over again later down the road if they lose interest~! Hacks are definitely a great way to relive your interest in the series; the members here are very talented and make some amazing games. n_n

Do check out our Emulation section, as linked by the other helpful posters, and explore around for more hacks you might be interested in! I still need to play some more, have a few downloaded but haven't gotten around to actually playing yet. XD; The entire forum is pretty great though, so there's plenty of areas to post in around PC.

Anyway, hopefully you've been enjoying your stay so far! Feel free to contact me if you ever need help. :3

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