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    Originally Posted by Uzigunner View Post
    Hey there man, it's me. I agree with the Moose We Trust about a few things but the thing is that, pokemon like the pidgey family should not be replaced, u know. And yeah what u should do is go through the documents of the final version of Blaze Black and Volt White and give the pokemon those things ie if u r actually planning on doing so, but honestly I think it should be done cus the thing is like pokes like Pidgeot, Serperior and many other pokes need upgrades so that we can have a fresher and a more awesomer experience, no? And if u plan on putting Hurricane, please make sure Charizard gets it, please.

    I am digging this game actually, the battle sprites r just awesome. However as for the Ow's they r good but pokes like Excradill, Krookodile, Samurrot(Looking like a freaking walris) and some other pokes along with it need a change with OW sprites don't u think?
    No need to be worried actually cus the thing is that it is only the 2nd gym. How hard would someone grind before deciding to walk to the officer. Hell I don't expect any of the pokes to reach their final form actually, so don't be hesitant. We r not extreme grinding or anything.I am quite digging some of his ideas but the thing is I hate expensive crap and all. For TM's it is legit actually but seriously, I hate the amulet coin idea. So for items like pokeballs and other healing item's it's best to keep the prices low, since like take this for example, u wanna catch a pokemon who knows very tough moves which r 2 hit kos but since u r constantly failing because of bad luck, u r gonna end up with little or no money but u can't afford it because it's way too expensive. And also take the gym leaders for instance, u can't beat them, keep on losing money, and sadly, u can't buy status healing items and other strategic items cus again, it's way too expensive. So, I suggest u shouldn't change the prices of the items like pokeballs and potions to expensive cus then, the fresh experience is gonna dissappear and we will end up being nothing but a frustrated wreck. So please drop the amulet coin idea, and since I know u r quite a wifi player, I beleive u will have no problems making the game competitive for us. As for the second alpha, instead of doing so, I suggest u play through Dray's HG hacks, Sacred Gold. He made the game in such a way that grinding was not necessary and that the level curve was indeed legit. I really hope u read this cus every bit of this information is worth it. Can't wait for next release.