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Hello !
I m started this hack one month ago and I think it's very good :D
I was ready to go find Arceus (i wanted him for the last legendery pokemon) but when i checked my pc I couldn't find Mew.Is there any bug ?I m sure I don't released him and I checked day care.Any good idea to check ? :D
After that .. I talked to the rock,I teleported and talked with the mysterious guy and then I tried to talk to the walls (exactly like a video I saw).The first wall was ok.The second wall was ok..But the wall with Mew don't respond to me.So I believe there is a problem cause I don't have mew.Can anyone confirm it ?
Ty for your time and sorry for any error in my english :D

PS:I don't know why but I have a feeling Sky doesn't like grass starters at all .. Almost every "hard" battle had a counter type (ice,flying,fire)

PS2:If anyone know,I need the location of camera duo (their first location is north of dessert).. they are the best place to train pokemons
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