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Want extra points, other than just battling like you are now?

There's now a mini tourney... within the tourney. XD; From anytime until the GT ends you can battle these people who you've been matched up with and get 15 points for a win. This is completely optional, but if you want the extra points, then hopefully that's enough incentive to actually battle. Also, this is best out of three - whoever wins the most matches against their opponent out of three gets the extra points. It's up to you guys to decide as to when the battles are occurring/if they occur at all but remember to post the results here - include it in your normal results post, but mention it's a mini-tourney battle.

vapor vs soaringsomeone
wolf vs p-sign
latihax vs platdude
krazz vs chaoticlapras
shnen vs pixelrush
doronjo vs dragonomega
spherical vs lapras
woohoo vs zeffs
If others sign up then I'll face them etc. n_n

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