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Well, I was originally just gonna revive my old thread. But that's dated back to 2011 so I thought I'd start fresh- kind of. I might steal some of the newer sprites from the old thread just to buff it a little though. ;D Here is the old thread if you want to look at my older sprites, but DON'T post in that thread please.


Bronkey Backsprite
Sleye Backsprite
Hecter's Backsprite

Revamps, fusions & re-colours
> Bulbasaur revamp from Pokemon Red/Blue
> Charmander revamp from Pokemon Red/Blue
> Charmeleon revamp from Pokemon Red/Blue
> Charizard revamp from Pokemon Red/Blue
> Squirtle from Pokemon Red/Blue
> Pikachu revamp from Pokemon Red/Blue
Delibird Autumn forme for the WPC.
Blaziken re-colour for the WPC.
Yanmega fire-retype for the WPC.

Trainer Sprites
Gym Leader Nora- Type: Normal
Gym Leader Archie- Type: Ice
Gym Leader Graham- Type: Ground
Gym Leader Melanie- Type: Ghost
Gym Leader Willow- Type: Grass
Gym Leader Estelle- Type: Steel
Gym Leader Sullivan- Type: Ghost
Gym Leader Drake- Type: Dragon

Elite Four Russell- Type: Fire

Female Student Sprite

Random sprite made on Paint using the default colours if I remember correctly. xD
A Toad sprite from Super Mario. :>
Jalhalla from The Legend of Zelda.
Froakie from Pokemon X & Y
- "Just a little fun thing I decided to do relating to real-life st00f. :> Didn't take me too long but yesh. It's a Lizard "Fluff"ball. " Might be part of a series, idk.

I allow people to use most of my sprites on the condition that I get credit. If I do not allow people to use a sprite, I usually specifically say so. If you are unsure, just drop me a PM. Thanks for viewing my thread! :D
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