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Wow. It's been a while.

HUGE update

-trained Cyanide up to level 20 (now a dustox)
-took down Roxanne with cyanide with some help from Belladonna
-saved Devon goods
-went to Dewford, caught a female tentacool named Arsenic
-gave Steven his letter
-went back to Rustboro and got exp share, for Arsenic
-went ahead and did team aqua stuff, then went ahead to route 110 (I think that's the rout that goes under the cycling road) and caught a female gulpin named Mercury and an oddish (decided to box oddish in place for future roselia)
-laughed in Brawly's face with Mercury
-took down May easily, reached Mauville and took down Wally. Caught a female roselia named Hemlock
-trained everyone up to level 23 or so
-took down Watson 9had to teach Mercury rock smash)
-went up past route 111, reached Fallarbor and caught a female Seviper named Venom on the route just a little below Fallarbor.
-Mercury evolved!
-oh noes! Team aqua stuff in Meteor Falls
-defeated team aqua
-took down flannery (it was a team effort)
-traded Mercury over to firered to delete rock smash, traded her back and retaught her yawn.

I may edit in my team and their movesets etc late. :D