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I wouldn't relate it to technology, as that's just one of the elements of our growing economy and society. Technological advancement has been apart of our world's history since the beginning - from sticks to stone, stone to iron and iron to cyborgs. Technology makes our world faster, easier, and sleeker, not to mention bigger. Of course, younger children being introduced to these types of things early could, in prospect, influence them, but in all actuality I doubt it advances them into teen/adult-hood earlier than normal.

Anyway, I don't believe kids are growing up 'too fast.' Quite the contrary, really. Even back in the early-to-mid 1900s, a lot of the United States' adults were farmers (generalizing to get my point across) or people that were proficient in outdoor work. Due to this, they taught their kids to be the same way, and so those generations were accustomed to the technology and tools that allowed their work to be easier, but through this process they also were 'growing up quickly' because at an early age they were learning to work for what they wanted themselves instead of letting someone get it/do it for them.

In all, my primary view on the subject is that if the kids can work for/get it themselves (make money/feed themselves) then they are already taking a very large step towards adult-hood.

tl;dr - kids are just the same as they were fifty years ago
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