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    Forrest Top - Attempt at Catching a Lotad

    Lotad was soon sealed inside the capsule, which began shaking around the floor, unfortunately, Lotad managed to scape, and the Poochyena set free from Trecko's vines with a handful of bites. Both Pokemon then went to hide, fading in oblivion as they dissapeared behind a tree.

    Becky Banks - Super-Special-Awesome Reward

    Becky was ready to left, when Norman interrupted her with a question:

    "Say Becky, have you heard about Pokemon eggs?" Was what he said.

    Before Becky could even react to this question, the Gym Leader proceeded.

    "My son's friend May gave him an egg, but since he's at the Pokemon League doing his Champion stuff, he has no time for an egg... Which is the reason why I'm taking care of it, but since he already told me he's not planning on raising a seventh Pokemon... would you like to have this egg?"

    Noram lifted a glass container that was laying next to him the whole time, showing it to Becky, as he patiently waited for am answer.

    Becky can accept or deny this offer, in case she denies it, whoever impresses me next during a battle against Norman (if someone actually does) will get the same offer. Togepi may or may not hatch from this egg, the sprite is Togepi's egg because I like it xD
    But the Pokemon that hatches will be determinated by the quality of your following posts, who knows, you might get a Deino if your posts are great enough!

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