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Chris Mare

Route 17.

Was there a jingle for this? "Every day's great at your-" Oh no that wasn't right. Darn. Chris liked that song. Anyway, now having left that weirdo person's farm, she was off to continue her Hilmsdaisy adventure. Sandra bounced after her, murmuring merrily as she went. Chris just shrugged and laughed, not really sure what she was supposed to be doing right now at this point.

Well... you could just walk Chris.

"No one's asking you narrator."

Anyway... ahem. Moving right along.

Being a rather, rambunctious sort, she had done well at the farm. Who knew Miltank were so interested in moving grass? Well, considering that was what they ate... poor Sandra. Indeed the little Oddish was now sporting a slightly smaller leaf, part of it having been bit off rather rudely. She remembered this and grumbled softly.

"Aw cheer up Sandra," Chris soothed happily. "It'll grow back bigger and better than ever! You just gotta keep your chin up!" Sandra pouted... then frowned. Did Oddish have chins? That was rather important to figure out. Suddenly, her little plant self stiffened. There was something nearby... but where? She looked all around her trainer's lanky legs... only to be tackled from behind. Chris looked down to see a pink cat rolling with her Oddish on the rough terrain eventually due to the rocks and dirt in its fur, it got off, leaving Oddish to try and sit herself up without arms. Chris lifted her up, watching the now slightly dirty neon pink and cream creature shake itself free of dirt. A bright blue bandanna was tied around the creature's neck rather loosely, as though the knot had been happily becoming undone.

"Hullo Skitty," Chris said warily, watching the adorably growling creature as Sandra gave it a leer. It squinted at her distrustfully before charging headlong.

"Nyaa~" it yowled, sounding more adorable than ferocious as an orange light surrounded its body. Smacking hard into Sandra, it reached to claw at her face.

"Sweet Scent," Chris ordered hurriedly, realizing this would not end well if she wasn't careful. Her Oddish let out a fragrance from nonexistent petals. The Skitty tottered back abruptly, wailing miserably at the stench. Huh. Well, Sandra thought it smelled great. "Mud Bomb, don't just stand there! I think its mad!" Actually the little guy was still disoriented but Sandra fired a ball of mud from her mouth anyway. Urgh that was gross. Regardless it smacked dab into the pink kitten's fur. Seeing this the little creature screeched out its raw agony. How dare you do that to its fur? How dare you? Revenge would be had!


Rising to paws, the Skitty readied to leap... only to slip and fall back into the mud. This wasn't going to work... She would have to get her vengeance some other time. The little kitten turned and bolted, screeching what had to be obscenities and anger even as the critter slipped and fell twice more into the dirt.

Chris and Sandra just stared at each other. "What... just happened?"
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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