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    A new list of wild Pokemon that can be obtainable in the upcoming areas will be uploaded about 2 weeks before the release.

    As for the character suggestions, a lot of you picked some great ones but idk...I still feel they're all missing something, like a really good key link as to why they're in the Pokemon world and missing the type of knowledge to use Pokemon. Take Kirito from SAO for example(I just started watching the show btw, really awesome. ^.^) He seems capable of using Pokemon cause he's used to playing in an rpg himself already, but he actually DOES the combat in it. Unlike Pokemon, where they do the fighting. So he couldn't really fit, plus we don't know what happens at the end of that series when he reaches the 100th floor. Good choice though.

    Same thing for the Avatar. Aang would be a cool gym leader who uses multiple types in his gym such as Fire, Water, Rock/Ground, and Flying. But like the above example, he does the fighting and he wouldn't fit at all in the Pokemon universe. It was just more simple to have Atem in the Pokemon world because he's used to controlling monsters and having a game-like strategy mentality, even if they're cards.

    There's still a Looooooooong time before that has to be decided, but it was nice to hear some opinions. Thanks. I'm currently adding a new lab for the first town in the hack and a new ghost tower for Millennium City, the 7th major city where you'll meet Atem and a bunch of other cool exciting events will take place.