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Peacekeeper Academy (ICC)
Please Read this post

"Welcome to the academy all of you students were accepted to the biggest and most important academy in the world" The headmaster waved his hand toward the academy, allowing the students to stare at its beauty. "Though the size of our school is great, it is the moral strengths of our students that is what makes us great. Each and every one of you will leave this school helping the world, and fighting for a better planet." He adjusted his tie and took a deep breath.

"Some of you come from great lives, and others from terrible ones. Here at the academy we reach for great lives for all, safe lives for anyone, and freedom to do what is right. Whether you are a musician, dancer, athlete, actor, or fighter there is a way you can help and you have an obligation to do so. I will now let the head guidance counselor speak." The headmaster stepped down, many students expected him to stay but he went back to the academy, presumably to do some work.

A tall man stepped up. He wore glasses over his eyes and his hair dropped slightly over them. He was dressed formally like the headmaster, though seemed a lot less serious. His voice was calm and loud, and he sounded pretty confident "Hello students! The staff here is so glad to see new and old students attending this year. I'm here to talk about the island, the school, and all of your role in it." He paused for a moment to think, "Housing will be given to all students for free, though food must be paid for. 200 dollars will be given at the end of each month, this will not be high enough to buy extra supplies. If you would like to make extra money you may start a student business along with the required missions."

He cleared his throat, "Student businesses will be given a building with rooms, room and building size will be discussed with me or another counselor. Students may choose to live in their business building." He took a drink of water, "Missions will be posted in your class hall, simply activate the board and select the mission, be warned each hall has a limited amount of missions, thus you may have to compete to finish them. Missions can be dangerous, so for the first few we will assign you a student guardian. We also require that a partner is found before you can do any missions."

"Now to discuss the rules. Three infractions will result in loss of monthly money, temporary suspension of student business building, and remedial lessons. Fighting on campus, not fulfilling required missions, and not attending classes will result in infractions. Please, we do not wish to issue infractions. There isn't much more to say, you may use the rest of the day to explore, find partners, or check out your living quarters. You guys can even visit the beach, a dinner will be held there!"

He was about to walk off stage but suddenly he turned around, "Oh and make sure to get a badge, jacket, and arm band along with identification cards." He smiled and waved then walked off. Everyone began to leave the area, some heading to the beach, others to the train into the city, others to the dorm. (OOC the jacket, badge, and arm band have the school's logo on them, one of them must be worn and the ID has to be carried.)
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