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Lucy - Oreburgh City
Lucy just sort of... held Amethyst. She hoenstly didn't think less of the girl. I mean really. They were in a world where people were murdered on a regular basis. People /cried/. That /happened/. In fact, there was something innately endearing about another person crying... And then Amethyst yelled at the top of her tiny lungs, startling LUcy briefly. Feh... She could only presume that this unknown entity had to be the girl's pokespirit. Who else could she be talking to?

...Well, how about that /thing/ standing right there for startings?

Wait, what in Arceus' name was that?! Lucy could've sworn it hadn't been there a moment ago. She immediately became suspicious of the terrifying creature that had for some reason chosen to show an image of itself to her, a person whom had never seen Pokemon before. She found herself not liking this. Before she could get involved Amethyst began to squirm out of her arms, and stood on her own. Lucy accepted this begrudgingly, and stood back...watching.

A male she did not recognize approached her and asked if he could... join their group. "...Hi. We're heading on out to Mount Coronet. Follow as long as you'd like" she responded in a rather lazy manner. She hoped he'd understand why she was distant and perhaps slightly dismissive. She didn't know about him, but to her there was no group to speak of. A grou pimplied organization, and there was none. She was just a person trying to make her way across the region with a bunch of dudes following her in her mind. ...Then again, she felt a bond between herself and Amethyst. Perhaps they could be considered a group? A pair? ...Amethyst wound up attacking it though, and it seemed to vanish. Lucy tensed a bit, but was otherwise content to just... watch this. She was completely unaware that there was totally a dude /literally/ right behind her. Thus, as she watched this odd conversation going on, she casually and accidentally backed right into Creed, mildly startling her. It was really up to him to react to being backed into at this point, but hey... Lucy hadn't tried to eat him. That's a good start, right?!

It was at that point that Amethyst would make her way back to Lucy and hug her waist. Lucy was slightly flustered by this, but lightly returned the embrace, holding Amethyst to her for the moment being. Despite Lucy's hilarious metabolism, she was very healthy weight-wise compared to the average skin n' bones child. One could even go as far to say that she would've qualified as ever so slightly chubby by pre-apocolypse standards. The point was, she was totally very huggable. Meanwhile, she had been trapped between Amethyst and Creed, leaving Creed /apparently/ free to try whatever wily shenanigans he was up to.

"...I'll take you there..." she responded in a somewhat quiet tone, hesitating a moment before continuing. "...But I don't know that anything will be left." she continud in a somewhat somber tone. It wasn't meant to hurt the smaller girl, but she didn't want to lie either.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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