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    For all the people asking about Sun Stones earlier: you can steal them from Solrocks in Lore Cave (the cave that runs from Spear City to Brox City). The chance one'll actually be carrying a Sun Stone is rare, though.

    Originally Posted by HypoDiss View Post
    anybody know were to get a mr mime or a pineco and how do u evolve pineco ty in advance
    Pineco (according to mine's "met on" data) is found on Route 10. A visit to Bulbapedia can tell you how it evolves.
    Mr. Mimes are on Route 32. You won't be getting there for a while.

    Edit: grinding on Solrocks and Lunatones is great for raising Attack and Sp. Attack EVs. My Alakazam just gained 7 points in the latter by killing Lunatones exclusively 0_0
    Edit 2: OMG shiny Bagon!
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