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    Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
    You should catch Mareep,Ampharos is a beastly electric Pokemon . As for Noctowl, there are actually plenty of better more powerful flying types. On the same route you find Mareep, at night Zubats appear. Crobat, is speedy and poweful so if you want quick,unique attacker I'd reccomend this guy.

    Or, if you can wait till Azalea and when you get Headbutt from the man in Ilex Forest, you can headbutt trees in Azalea to encounter Natu. Xatu specializes in Special Attack and can learn a huge variety of moves.

    Noctowl can do some decent things like putting foes to sleep but I'd reccommend one of the above two since they have better typings,stats and moves .
    I've used Crobat idk how many times so Xatu would be a first. It's also Psychic type so that's a plus. What time of the day for Natu to appear? I kinda figured you'd say yes to Mareep even tho I've used her lots of times but there's not a lot of electric Pokemon to choose from...