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So here is my entry... Clearly, I have good spy equipment coz lately, I found Lerroux saying this in a staff forum, redacted and hidden by most users. I managed to unredact it and I will show it to you, today...ofc im kidding

Originally Posted by Lerroux
Since I found PC being too loud and obnoxious with full of mods who don't respect me and users who are disrespectful to me, to the mods, which I still find unreliable, and to fellow users, I'll pass PC Law 404, stating that after PCX, I (Lerroux) will personally DELETE the top 5 forums with the HIGHEST POST COUNT and remove the PM, VM, Friend Request, Blog features to everyone. Also, I find that most users HATE vB4. Because of this, I'm also passing PC Law vB4 stating that, as the same time as Law 404, I will upgrade the forum to vB4 to serve as punishment for those who stand in my way and to all PC users who are disrespectful to me. Law 404 and vB4 will be in effect on October 1, 2012, right after PCX, since I'm merciful enough to give you these last few days of freedom.
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