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    Originally Posted by ksipos View Post
    Hello !
    I m started this hack one month ago and I think it's very good :D
    I was ready to go find Arceus (i wanted him for the last legendery pokemon) but when i checked my pc I couldn't find Mew.Is there any bug ?I m sure I don't released him and I checked day care.Any good idea to check ? :D
    After that .. I talked to the rock,I teleported and talked with the mysterious guy and then I tried to talk to the walls (exactly like a video I saw).The first wall was ok.The second wall was ok..But the wall with Mew don't respond to me.So I believe there is a problem cause I don't have mew.Can anyone confirm it ?
    Ty for your time and sorry for any error in my english :D

    PS:I don't know why but I have a feeling Sky doesn't like grass starters at all .. Almost every "hard" battle had a counter type (ice,flying,fire)

    PS2:If anyone know,I need the location of camera duo (their first location is north of dessert).. they are the best place to train pokemons
    Have you caught MEW first and which guy you talked with previously
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