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The only Pokémon which changes its current moveset upon changing its form is Rotom, and that only happens in a safe and controlled environment. My advice is that you don't try to change your Pokémon's moves during battle, because there's all kinds of complications to it.

To make sure your Pokémon's form is only changed during battle, and reverts back to normal afterwards, find the method immediately below the one you found and quoted, and add in a similar bit of code for your Pokémon.

The damage inflicted by moves naturally varies by about 15% each way anyway. Unless you made a drastic change to the Atk/Sp Atk, you probably won't notice a difference. If you only changed one of those two stats, make sure you're testing it by using a move that will use that stat (i.e. Atk is Physical, Sp Atk is Special).
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