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    BEHOLD!! Its about time to make things interesting around here. From here on out, the 25/4 character rule will be extended! It will be a spam. Introducing an update, the.....
    100/20 CHARACTER RULE!!
    What's the matter? Don't like it? Too bad! Failure to reach this criteria will result in a PERMANENT BAN!! No warning, no VMing/PMing back apologizing, NO NOTHING! The 25/4 character rule is too much like a spam, in fact, the more complaints about it, the more power I can grant to make it a 1,000/200 rule to keep the hate raging! Feed me more POWER!!! I should let every servants know, one whining VM to a mod or staff below me, will also result in a PERMANENT BAN FOR BOTH OF YOU! That's the way the KING should roll!

    How do you like me now???

    I think I got carried away, but....I was having fun x)