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    Hello members of the Pokecommunity Forums, and I warmly welcome you, to the brand new, fresh start to our Pokemon Community.

    Yes, it is I, your humble dictator Lerroux, and I am here to announce the newest features and... No longer existing features to you all.

    As you have seen, I have been browsing the forums and watching you all. As a result of my observations I would like to announce that the New/Users welcome forum will be perpetrated now modded by me and only me. I feel that the moderators of this section are not doing a proper job in thoroughly moderating the board and welcoming members with a proper manner. The offending moderators have had their moderator status stripped off them, and demoted to the lowest of the new ranks, which I will explain further now.

    We now have new ranks here at the Pokecommunity. The ranks are as follows.
    Servant ( changed from Member) - these are Pokecommunity's average members who do nothing to help the community. They donate nothing to help me the community thrive, except for posting, which most are meaningless unless they are more than 3 paragraphs long, and at least make proper sense and contribute to the discussion.
    Merchant (changed from supporter) - These are our members who are chock-packed full of riches, and donate their time and money and bank details to receive this rank, and the slightest bit of respect from their master. Their kind and generous donations help me further improve the forums.

    Other ranks will remain the same.

    The Pokecommunity slogan, will change, finally, after 10 years of searching for a new slogan and failing. Countless suggestions have been made but I find my own slogan to be the best of the bunch. I proudly announce to you, the new Pokecommunity slogan!
    We are ALL looking forward to further improvements by Lerroux!

    Please, save the compliments, I don't want such an important thread ruined by spammy posts.

    That is all for now.

    Look out for future updates from your humble dictator,
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