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Throughout out journey through Johto and Kanto in HGSS, we encountered a peculiar character known as Cameron the Photographer. With a simple click, you were able to get a photo from him of yourself and your party in various locations around the regions. The essence of this thread is to discuss your view on this little addition. Did you like how you could capture certain moments or certain stages of your party? Do you often reflect upon these images and smile at the memories you made, so many gaming hours ago? Did you dislike the fact that you could only hold a certain amount of photos? Did you like this feature in general? Why or why not?

For me, I loved this idea. It was a quick and easy way to record your party's progress. I always found it really fun to go through all my old photos form the beginning of my game. Flicking photo after photo it was great to watch my team develop and grow until reaching the point where I was currently. I did however dislike the fact that you could only hold on to a certain amount of photos, but other than that I didn't find any other drawbacks.
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