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My Day 5 entry

This screenshot is taken from the episode The Lonely Deino! ,which was originally known in Japanese as アイリスとモノズ!育て屋修行!! (Iris and Monozu! Day Care Training!!.) While the most of the plot of the episode doesn't show how the series has evolved, this particular scene does. In this scene, Team Rocket and Dr. Zager are approaching Milos Island in order to begin their plans to capture the Kami trio. This scene, and many others from episodes in the Best Wishes series shows how much the series has evolved plot-wise. Team Rocket's plans are a lot darker and more sinister than they were in previous seasons. They're less focused on just stealing Pikachu and more focus on helping Team Rocket take over Unova and having world domination.

Screenshot taken by me.
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