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    An event editor, eh? Looking forward to see what that can do. By the way, how's the HGSS support going?

    I also have a question about the 3D mapping (with 3DS Max and such) process. I have converted the .nsbmd files of some HGSS maps by using Spiky's Map Converter (not this tool, but the one released before), and I want to convert them to .obj so 3DS Max can open them, but nsbmdtool will not open it, let alone convert it (it will open DPP maps, but without textures and I have no idea how to convert them). MKDS Course Modifier won't do the job for me either. This is what I get:

    C\Users\(Username)>nsbmd.exe nbt.nsbmd (this is the New Bark Town map)
    glhi: GLHijacker starting up...
    glhi: will load c:/winnt/system32/opengl32.dll on first OpenGL/WGL call.
    DEBUG: file size = 000040dc <16604>.
    DEBUG: file is not BMD0.

    If anyone could help me, I'd be delighted.
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