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Cinnabar Island

Remoraid didn't quite recognize the girl that he met in the jungle now, but anyone would be great for helping his trainer now. He jumped up and down on the ground, looking like a stranded fish in despair, to get Deandra's attention. Then he squirted a jet of water in the direction from which Auryn's screams had been coming.

Meanwhile, Carnivine had put a big leaf shaped hand over Auryn's mouth to shut her up while it dragged her away to a place where it could eat in peace. Because it was pretty much planning to eat the girl. Tender human meat... the grass pokémon started drooling just by thinking about it. A drop of drool fell down on the arm of Auryn's coat and fizzled a little, which made her eyes widen. That was no ordinary saliva. It was something poisonous. Or worse.

She bit the leaf over her mouth. A strange roar came from the pokémon and the shock almost made it drop her. It quickly tightened its grip though.

Since Auryn had struggled so much, Carnivine had been forced to slow down, and now they stopped completely, which let Remoraid catch up with them. The instant he spotted the plant monster, he fired a Water Gun at it's face. Again, it didn't hurt it much. This time it got a bit angry though, its eyes narrowing as it looked at the fish. Fish... the Carnivine had never liked the taste of fish. No fish lived in the jungle. No food for a jungle monster.

"HELP!" Auryn managed to shout out before the leaf covered her face again as the Carnivine looked like it wanted to fight while still holding the girl.


When Fiona enters the pokémon center, she might notice that a man she recognizes is standing in the middle of the floor, just looking towards the counter without moving or talking. The nurse is looking a bit nervous, unsure if she should greet or approach the man or not. Apparently he has been standing there for some time, earning looks from bypassers.

"What has gotten into him these days?" some trainer the pokémon center mutters, maybe thinking that he wouldn't hear.

"Have you heard what has happened with some of the other gym leaders?" someone else tells their friend. "I really hope Blaine won't become weird as well now..."

It's a well known man. His name is Blaine and he is the gym leader of Cinnabar island. If Fiona approaches, he will turn around to look at her with eyes shielded behind his small, round blackglasses though. He is bald, wearing only a brown vest on his upper body and a pair of black trousers with a silver buckled belt and brown boots.

((OOC: You may not bunny Blaine. I play him. ))