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    Genevieve Molyneux
    Academy Grounds

    Genevieve was worried and gradually starting to get more upset. She had no idea why Sapphire was acting the way she was today, and it really wasn't helping her already fragile and sensitive state. When the boy's lucario came back followed by a man Genevieve grew more nervous. She was terrified she was going to get in trouble, just as much as she was scared that the boy was extremely injured.

    Though before she could open her mouth to say a word, Maxwell spoke up telling what had happened leaving out the fact that it was her Simipour. Taking a small shaky breath Genevieve stepped closer to Maxwell, though she was sure the man could figure out the Simipour was hers, from the guilt in her eyes, to the fact that it was obvious that she had been crying not long ago.

    Rosalyn Smith
    Academy Hallways

    Rosalyn blushed more as Jimmy grabbed her hand as they moved quicker towards the source of the noises. As they stopped near the battle Rosalyn vaguely recognized Valorie, but didn't recognize the boy. One thing for sure though was that she got a bad feeling from him. Still keeping a hold of Jimmy's hand she stood slightly behind him though she could still see as Jazz stood slightly in front of her as well.

    The Wartortle watching the battle excitedly but also wary of the Swampert. Rosalyn sighed a little and squeezed Jimmy's hand slightly "this battle looks epic." she whispered. "but...the boy gives me a bad feeling"

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