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Well, I've played all the Metroid, they are easily up there in terms of my favorite franchise with Super Mario, Pokemon, Star Fox, Fallout & Battlefield games. Must be because I love exploring a bit, thanks Fallout...though Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is easily my favorite in terms of the Wiimote, LOVE that advance sesnitivity! The newer Metroid games, the more I usually like it. I have yet to play Other M though. But I will end up having it....soon.

Oh weapon...I love them all the same. I like how the Hypermode in Metroid Prime 3 is set up, if you consider that a weapon.

Also, I've curious but haven't really been looking, anyone needing friend vouchers to trade up? I mean, you can't really get 100% in Prime 3 without trading those...Personally hate games that does this, let alone to find a certain amount of different players that actually still have or play this game!
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