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Well I was really happy when I beat Elesa. The first three gym leaders were pretty easy, so I was really bummed that she beat me on my first try. And second. And then I caught a Tympole, evolved it to Palpitoad and the rest is history. May not seem a big achievement, but it was my first defeat and I didn't quite get the hang of type advantages at the time (I was playing a Pokemon game for the first time).

And when I beat Cynthia. Her Spiritomb was too powerful, until I thought of using Odor Sleuth. I went with a Poochyena at first, but she was way under-leveled and got KO'ed on the first turn. Then I remembered Swoobat can use it as well, and I had my lvl 50 Swoobat who dodged Spiritomb's attack on the first turn. And then my Cobalion took care of the rest with its fighting moves
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