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    Originally Posted by White_Arcanine View Post
    I love the Metroid games too, I didn't really get to play the older ones. I've beaten all three Primes (Well, not really Echoes, I still have to find all 9 Sky Temple keys.) I have the Prime Trilogy edition for Wii. I also have Other M. And no, I don't hate it. If a game can make me cry it's a good game... Unless it's so terrible it makes me cry.
    I don't know why people have to feel so hesitant to say they enjoyed a certain game. Whenever Other M is brought up there is somebody who does legitimately like it and I see they always need to start by saying "I don't hate the game" and try to say one thing mild that they feel they won't offend anyone. It's what the world of YouTube videos and the video game community do to ya, it makes people feel ashamed for what you like even though when you picked up the game, you know you liked it just out of your own honesty.

    I'm actually glad somebody did say it's a good game because you're not alone. It's actually my personal favorite 3-d Metroid game and I've played everything in the Metroid series up until now. It gave me another perspective of Samus's more caring side then just being an action shoot-girl. The gameplay was just incredibly addicting. I actually did like the story. Grant it, it's not perfect but I still really enjoyed it.

    Super Metroid still holds out to be my favorite 2-d Metroid and probably still holds out to be my favorite Metroid game of all time. Lots to explore, good mixture of atmospheric music and rather active music. My personal favorite power-ups to use. Great boss battles. There is just so little to not love about the game
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