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    Originally Posted by ZetaZaku View Post
    Before it started airing I heard lots of good stuff about the novel and looked really forward to the show. But then everybody started bashing the series and calling it bad. Well, I ignored them, as haters sometimes tend to nitpick about every little thing (yet ignore those little things for their favorite show).

    I watched the first two episodes. I must say that I was hooked. They were really great and showed lots of potential, and since it reminded me a lot of .hack//, I looked forward to the rest of it. Sadly, as of episode 3, the show turned into a harem and episodes focused on showing how badass Kirito/Jesus is. Okay, episode three played a huge role in Kirito's character, but episode 4-7 were just fillers. The episode with that loli served only as loli fanservice and once again they showed off how badass Kirito/Jesus is. I mean, come on "You can only do 400 damage per 11 seconds, but I can regenerate 600 health per 11 seconds" (don't remember exact numbers) was just ridiculous. Also those mystery episode were really boring. They did serve as Kirito and Asuna's development, but they dragged it too much. Same goes with Kirito's quest for his new sword. Once again they showed off how badass he is and Blacksmith girl started spouting nonsense. I was happy when I heard that they are going back to the story, and it improved a bit in episode 8th, but the show just kept showing off how badass Kirito is and making him do the impossible. Episodes 11 and 12 were the lowest bottom for me, especially the second episode. Thankfully
    the arc will end soon and I hope the show improves a lot in ALO

    I don't know if the show is bad or maybe I'm just too old for this.
    The whole "Demigod Kirito" thing was on purpose, one could even consider it an anime archetype. Other anime that did this were .Hack//Sign (Tsukasa), .Hack//Roots (The Terror of Death), and Trigun (Vash, and there's a reason for it. Rather than focusing on the difficulty of average combat, it focuses on the lengths that raw power can take you to, that no matter how strong you are, you still can't defeat everyone on that strength alone. One must make difficult decisions, and they are going to have their emotions toyed with and scarred. What's more, they can't do everything on their own, and they will undoubtedly make mistakes, and go to lengths that they never wanted to. Their power is immense, but on its own its not enough, there are other catalysts needed to be able to truly utilize that power to it's true potential, and even then it isn't always enough. It also deals with the main character being forced to become an outcast (in the case of Tsukasa, it is due to his disdain for adults and trust issues, in Vash's case, it's to protect them). Kirito really embodies all of these, and has gone through immense emotional and social trauma because of it. I'm not saying that I want you to like it more, you're free to do whatever, but in the case of the Demigod genre (and SAO), I'd say the handling of the character who is the Demigod is more mature than not.

    Regarding SAO specifically, I'm expecting a new opening to appear either this or next episode, since the old opening seems to be "finished", so to speak.
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