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Updated the points. Currently pokeskate, Griffinbane, GolurkIsDaBomb, and roosterman are in the lead. You guys only need to complete a few more battles to win now!

Originally Posted by pokeskate View Post
Just a friendly reminder to everyones thats signed up! Make sure you post who youve battled and make sure theyve posted that theyve battled you too, otherwise neither of you will get any points!
Very true. Actually, I have two battles that haven't been confirmed yet:

Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
Defeated DarkAngel91 4-0 (I think)
Defeated elija 4-0 (I think....)
Defeated iloveeevee 2-0 | Battle Vid: 96-00899-82487
Defeated redjacketchemist 3-0
Lost to AlexOzzyCake 0-1
Defeated AlexOzzyCake 3-0
Defeated DarkAngel 5-0
Lost to roosterman 0-2
Lost to roosterman 3-3
Defeated pokeskate 5-0
Defeated iloveeevee 2-0
iloveeevee hasn't confirmed this second battle yet. I will count it once she does.

Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
Lost to AlexOzzyCake
Lost to AlexOzzyCake
Lost to pokeskate
Lost to roosterman
Won against roosterman
Lost against BZW Golem
Lost to roosterman
Won against AWsquared
Same as above, roosterman hasn't confirmed this third battle yet. I will count it once he does.

As for battles that don't count at all:

Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
pokeskate WIN
pokeskate WIN
griffinbane WIN
griffinbane WIN
golurkisdabomb WIN
golurkisdabomb LOSE (sigh... time to change my profile)
iloveeevee WIN
AWsquared WIN
AWsquared has told me that you both agreed to battle using the flat rules, which if you don't know, are these (same ban list as the one I have in this tournament's first post). Despite that, you used banned Pokémon such as Dialga and Giratina. As a result, AWsquared doesn't want the battle counted, so I won't add it to either of your point scores.