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Oh, I didn't know it was optional so I've played for a few extra hours and finished Kanto side, as well as a few extras.

*Took the S.S. Aqua to Vermillion City for my first time in Kanto in the game and defeated everyone on it (mostly with Emilia).
*Right after I got off, I went to the gym and defeated Surge with only Emilia (Dragonair)
*Without wasting time, I ran up Route 6 and into Saffron City, where I challenged the gym
*After defeating Sabrina, Emilia evolved into a Dragonite
*I ran to Celadon City next, where I defeated Erika's gym with Anna (Pidgeot).
*I then went to Cerulean City and down to the Power Plant to learn about their problems
*Went back to Cerulean and into the gym, where I encountered Rocket member
*Defeated him on Nugget Bridge and went back to get the part
*Went back to Power Plant and received the TM for Zap Cannon (Not that it matters)
*Back up Nugget Bridge and through that route to finally get Misty back to her gym
*Finally fought Misty and defeated her pretty easily with Tigre's Thunder Punch and Ice Punch
*Went to Lavender Town and received Radio Card
*Down Silence Bridge (Route 12) and into Fuchsia City after searching for a Chansey to trade for the Aerodactyl.
*Over to the gym and the same easy defeat against Janine
*Fly back to Vermillion City and into Diglett Tunnel to go to Pewter City (I accidentally defeated the Snorlax)
*Found the guy who gives you the Silver Wing and then off to the gym for another win (this time with only Clyde)
*Down through Viridian City, Pallet Town and finally down to the ruined Cinnabar Island, where I found Blue lazing around. Forced him back to his gym after a small amount of talk
*Went to Seafoam Island and defeated Blaine with Rage (Gyarados)
*Back to Viridian City and into my fight with Blue, which was the most challenging one I had (which isn't saying much) but I was able to overcome him by using all my pokemon without any casualties.
*Went to Pallet Town to show off my badges to Oak and get him to open Mt. Silver
*Back to the Pokemon League to defeat them all again

*after reappearing at home, I went to Whirl Islands to capture Lugia
*After that, I went on a search for Raikou
*After such an easy catch, I went after Entei. After spending around 3 hours of searching, resetting, and cursing I finally captured him. His Roar caused me so much frustration.
*Grabbing all three of the Legendary Dogs finally allowed me to get the Rainbow Wing from the monk at Tin Tower.
*Went through Tin Tower with a Repel so I could quickly get to Ho-oh, which I captured with my Master Ball (which I originally forgot I had) after almost defeating it many times (Recover was really the only thing that kept it alive)
*After all the festivities of finally getting the pokemon, I went to Mt. Silver to find and fight Red
*Starting off with Emilia against his Pikachu, I had a little trouble with it's dang Thunderbolt but luckily it only used it once before I could defeat it with 2 Extreme Speeds.
*Onto his Espeon, I switched out to Ben and defeated after using Flash, Tail Whip and Pursuit.
*Snorlax was his biggest annoyance as it defeated both Ben and Rage with little damage to itself (thanks to a critical hit Body Slam after Rest) but I defeated it Tigre's Strength
*Blastoise was sent out next and defeated Tigre after 1 hit, but cause very little damage to Clyde as I Raged it to death
*He then chose Charizard and I defeated him with 1 surf but lost Clyde to Venasaur. After sending out Anna, who kept missing attacks for some reason, I just revived Ben and Emilia so I could defeat it. After using Sand-Attack a few times for no hits, I switched to Ben for the finishing hit.

Final Team:

Emilia the Dragonite Lvl. 58
Thunder Wave
Extreme Speed

Clyde the Feraligatr Lvl. 65

Rage the Gyarados Lvl. 56
Dragon Rage

Tigre the Hitmonchan Lvl. 60
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch
Fire Punch

Ben the Umbreon Lvl. 60
Tail Whip

Anna the Pidgeot Lvl. 58
Quick Attack

Now I am off to play Pokemon Emerald Version