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Hi all! I'm new here and would need some help.

I started making my own ROM based on FR but it won't be a Pokémon game, it should be totally redesigned one. Now I'm getting used to work with APE, NTME, etc. but have some problems.
I found out that the Gamefreak text/logo palette offset is 0040270C. When I use Unlz-GBA's 'Sava as' to get the images (211, 212), the palettes are okay according to Irfanview. After I edit them in MS Paint and save them as PNG, the palettes change (what is more important, the 'transparent color' changes as well).
My question is, how to fix this? Can I change the colors index number?

Maybe it's a bit confusing what I want, so here are some pics:
-the 1. should be the gamefreak logo colors and 2. should be the text logo colors
I tried editing them in the original rom and I was right.
But after editing the saved images, their palettes change and I can't use them properly. In the text the first few colors (3) became the transparent and main color, not the lasts (4) like in the original palette...

Any ideas?

Thx in advance!
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